financial problems?

We can help. We provide financial counseling for individuals and families in financial distress.

Our commitment
Our financial counselors can help you gain clarity, find a path forward, and help restore hope.

How we support you

No-cost financial counseling

Individuals & families

If you're struggling with gambling-related financial issues, we can help you find solutions. We offer financial counseling that can relieve the pressure – at no charge to you or your family. These virtual sessions are 100% secure & confidential.

Professional-to-professional partnerships


We can help you integrate financial counseling into your treatment and recovery program. If you have a client in financial distress due to gambling, we will provide financial counseling support, or we can work directly with your client in a virtual one-on-one setting. Counseling sessions are entirely funded by state partners.

Funding from state governments

Partners & state agencies

State councils and other nonprofit agencies partner with GamFin to help fund counseling services for individuals and families who are experiencing financial issues due to problem gambling. Learn more about the agencies with whom we partner.

Funding from state governments enables us to provide financial counseling at
no cost to individuals & families.
Did you know?

9 million Americans struggle with a gambling problem1

Gambling disorder is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide, regardless of income, education, or ethnic background. Gambling disorder is identified by a pattern of repeated and ongoing betting and wagering that continues despite creating multiple problems in several areas of an individual's life, according to the American Psychiatric Association.

1 National Council on Problem Gambling

You’re not alone
9 million
U.S. adults with a gambling problem
Affected others
7 people affected
for every one person with a gambling disorder
Did you know?

Problem gambling can have a serious impact on families

Gambling-related debt can cause significant financial problems and emotional distress for a spouse and family. According to the National Council on Problem Gambling, adult men with a gambling disorder have on average $50,000 – $90,000 in gambling-related debt, debt that is commonly hidden from their spouse.

No sales. No commissions.
We're paid by state governments,
not by fees.

What is GamFin?

GamFin is a leading provider of financial counseling for individuals and families with gambling-related financial problems. All of our financial counselors have a duty to act in your best interest. We never sell financial products, charge commissions, or offer investment advice.

What is financial counseling?

Finances can be a difficult and painful subject to discuss. Our financial counselors have experience working with individuals, families, and others affected by problem gambling.  

We also provide financial training and peer support for mental health professionals to help them navigate their clients' financial challenges.

Meet our financial counselors

All of our financial counselors have a duty to act in your best interest. We never sell financial products, charge commissions, or offer investment advice.
Ambus Hunter IV
As a person in recovery from problem gambling, Ambus now helps clients with their own financial recovery plans.
Read more
Edna Forero
Edna brings 20 years of experience in budgeting and taxes. She developed an interest in financial counseling while volunteering on military bases.
Read more
Janice Pierce
As a financial advisor with a background in risk management, Janice helps clients build financial knowledge and understand emotions about money.
Read more
Jessica Parks
Ph.D., AFC®
Jessica has a PhD in Financial Planning and Consumer Economics. She is passionate about helping families pay off debt & creating realistic spending plans.
Read more
Nan Franks
After pulling herself out of financial trouble, Nan wanted to help others in similar situations. Now, she helps everyday people find personalized and practical solutions to financial issues.
Read more
Yvonne Hampton
Ph.D., AFC®
Yvonne holds a PhD, MBA, and a Masters in Personal Financial Planning. With 15 years as a financial coach, she focuses on helping her clients work through their underlying feelings & belief systems to help them meet their financial goals.
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What treatment providers say about us!

“Two professionals teaming together has helped so many more people, giving them that hope to keep going."
Jody Bechtold
“Gamfin has been an absolute miracle. As a problem gambling counselor, this is the service we have been needing in order to give clients hope. When it comes to gambling addiction, the topic of money must be discussed. Our clients that have used this service come away with a realistic plan to pay off debts and rebuild financial health and still be able to live their lives. Also, it's extremely important for a person that struggles with gambling disorder to change their relationship with money and this service helps with this as well. I highly recommend taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity.”
Denise Bergner
"GamFin has been an invaluable asset in working with individuals and families touched by problem gambling. The feedback from them has been overwhelmingly positive and shows in their response to treatment. And as an added benefit I receive support and training from experts in the field of finances. Something I was never fully comfortable dealing with but is vital in the work we do."
Jennifer Macioce


Why should I get financial counseling?

We know that the financial effects of a gambling disorder can be devastating, and we’re here to give you ways to help protect yourself and your assets. It may also help the person who is gambling, by slowing them down.

How is financial counseling different

Financial counselors often stick to the fundamentals of personal finance. They can help you manage expenses, build savings, make plans to pay off debt, and navigate financial challenges. Their goal is to help you re-evaluate and heal your relationship with money in order to return to healthy ways of living, saving, and spending.

What does this service cost?

Nothing, to residents in participating states. See our list of state partners to see if your state qualifies.

How many sessions can I get?

On average, a person will benefit from 3 – 4 sessions. Sometimes it is more, other times less. If there are multiple people involved in the session (for example, a family), we may require 4 – 5 sessions.

What if I’m not ready to book an appointment now?

That’s no problem. You can book an appointment whenever you like by visiting:

What if I don’t have an email address?

You don’t need an email to book an appointment. Just a phone number. Someone from our team will reach out to you with appointment details.

Do I need to prepare for the appointment?

Bring any financial information you have to the session. If you are able to bring a credit report and pay stub, that is a great starting point. If not, that's ok. The financial counselor will guide you on how to get necessary information.

Who should attend? Does the person gambling need to be present as well?

We encourage both the person who gambles and those impacted by their gambling to attend if they can. However, we recognize that this may not always be possible. In such cases, we understand that sometimes only the affected individual may be present, and we are here to offer support and assistance to them.

What to expect during an initial consultation

GamFin financial counselors can meet you at whatever point you’re at to discuss your concerns. They won’t try to sell you anything or earn a commission. They are there to listen, discuss the situation, and provide guidance. They will not force you to do anything. Apart from completing the required intake forms, no preparation is necessary. Financial counselors often spend the first session in fact-finding mode, asking questions and listening actively. Their goal is to help you feel comfortable and assess the nature and severity of your situation, enabling you to make a plan. You can expect to leave your initial consultation with a strategy that includes concrete steps for moving forward.

Do you offer loans?

No, we do not provide loans or sell any other financial products.

Do you manage bankruptcy?

No. There are many alternatives to explore before considering bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can fit some situations, but only as a last resort. For most people struggling with a gambling disorder the appropriate path is to repay debt and gain a healthier relationship with money.

Who can access my information?

Your information is safe and secure. We are HIPAA compliant and will ask for written permission to share it. During your intake process you will have an opportunity to review and sign these forms.

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