Financial Counseling and Training for Problem Gambling Treatment

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At the intersection of Problem Gambling & Personal Finance, GamFin provides financial counseling, training, and an online community to support Problem Gambling treatment.

We're pleased to provide these services at no cost to you and at no cost your clients, thanks to our partnership with the Ohio Casino Control Commission, and the Problem Gambling Network of Ohio (OCCC and PGNO).

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Problem Gambling Support Services

How We Support You
and Your Clients

We empower mental health professionals like you to incorporate financial solutions into treatment and recovery programs for your clients.
Financial Counseling
Meet with expert financial counselors online to discuss finances – from budgeting and debt repayment, to a client’s relationship with money, and more. 1-on-1, 2-on-1 (with your client), and group sessions are available. To learn more download this PDF or contact us
Financial Training
Access self-paced, online training courses and recorded webinars, and attend live training in-person or online on a range of financial topics. As an IGCCB Preferred Provider, many offerings qualify for continuing education credit hours.
Online Community
Our online community allows members to get answers to financial questions from financial experts, stay connected with peers across the country, and receive updates on industry news. Providers can also access or download worksheets, tools, and other resources to use with clients.

Meet with a financial counselor

Develop financial solutions that can be integrated into treatment and recovery programs to improve client outcomes.


Download tools, documents, worksheets, video, and other resources for your program in Ohio.

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Online course

Financial Counseling in Gambling Disorder Treatment

This course covers financial topics that are critically important when treating clients with a gambling disorder -- from budgets and spreadsheets, to feelings and biases about money, and more. Learn financial skills that improve client outcomes.
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